Camping Stove


This stainless steel portable multi-fuel camping stove is perfect for picnics, sporting, boating and more! It comes with a small dish so you can cook meals using dried twigs, solid fuel cubes/tablets or alcohol.

The hinged design means an almost instant set up. Simply unfold, install the bottom plate and dish (if using solid fuel or alcohol), and secure the self-locking tabs. It’s that easy . . . and that fast!
The folding stove is approximately 6′ x 4′ and is lightweight and portable so it can travel with you no matter your destination. It’s sturdy enough to easily handle a heavy cast iron skillet or medium sized pot. Can hold up to approximately 20 lbs. Depending on the size of your fire, you can have boiling water in a matter of minutes.
The stove collapses in seconds, cleans up quickly and weighs less than a pound. This is a great, lightweight stove to use anytime, anywhere. It is an excellent survival stove so it is a perfect addition to your Elite Ready backpack.
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